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  • Anthem white noise

    I have an Anthem installed in my Martin D-28, it has worked very well for quite some time. Recently I started having a problem with the guitar producing a hissing (white noise like) sound. The noise is loud enough to have the singer continuously turning around to look!! This is when I turn the levels up enough in order to be able to hear myself play.

    I have tried different things, two different amps, one AER Compact 60 and one Fishman Loudbox Mini. I have tried different cables, flipped the phase inversion switch, tried plugging into a different electrical circuit, but still no luck. My Taylor guitar with factory electronics does not show that problem with either amps.

    One thing I found is that the microphone's adhesive had become unglued and the mike was hanging in the middle of the body. I figured I have to get this corrected, and as I test I disconnected the mike from the jack, thinking that if the mike is the problem I would remove it from the equation. The white noise still continued, it seems higher when the mix control is towards the mike, even with it disconnected. I am planning on gluing the mike back up with double sided tape and check again.

    I found another issue which I do not think has anything to do with the hissing noise. If I touched the cable going to the battery a crackling noise would come up. I found that the connector to the 9 volt battery had a loose connection on the crimped connector that holds the wire. I added a little solder and that took care of that.

    I am wonder where else I should be looking at I will greatly appreciate any feedback.

    Mike C.
    Mike C.

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    Hey Mike,
    Thanks for posting.

    If your battery or battery cable is microphonic when touched, I'd recommend trying another battery. I've seen more and more cases recently where bulk packaged or "industrial-grade" batteries have caused weird noise issues with the Anthem. Specifically, batteries like the Duracell Procell and Energiser Max Plus have been the top troublesome models.

    I'd try another battery as soon as you can and see if that makes any difference.


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      Thank you Caleb, I'll try a different battery. I usually get Duracell.

      Does the battery being microphonic affect both the microphone and the under-saddle pickup?

      I finally got around to re-gluing the microphone back in place and re-connected it The noise is much more prominent with the microphone.
      Mike C.


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        If the noise is louder when you're using the mic, then it could actually be an issue with the mic. The battery issue I was talking about shouldn't change at all when the blend is adjusted.

        If the noise is mostly isolated to the mic, shoot me an email at [email protected] and I will see what I can do to help you out.


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          Thank you Caleb, I'll send you an e-mail.
          Mike C.