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LR Baggs Anthem in V-Class Guitar?

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  • LR Baggs Anthem in V-Class Guitar?

    Hey there,

    I'm interested in installing an LR Baggs Anthem into my 314CE V-Class, but am unsure about the clearance room around the bracing for the main box and wanted to check if anyone has done so before.


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    Sadly, I've tried the Anthem in a few different V-Braced guitars, and the brace in the soundhole is just too tall. Even adding multiple shims hasn't been enough to clear the brace.

    If you want an Anthem in that guitar, you'd need to go with the Anthem SL or Stage Pro Anthem.


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      Okay, that's unfortunate to hear but thanks, Caleb.

      By any chance, is there much sonic advantage to being able to utilise more of the element pickup in the regular anthem vs the SL? I like the sound of a condenser mic more, but I guess I appreciate the opportunity to adjust between the two!

      For reference, I'm mainly a solo fingerstyle player


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        Using more or less pickup is definitely a personal preference. I used the full Anthem for a few years and only used the crossover side of the mix. When I got a new guitar, I installed the SL and I've been using that for about 5 years now.

        For me, the SL is the best mix of natural tone and versatility that you can get in a small package.


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          Great, thanks Caleb, sounds like the SL is the way to go for me.

          One last question which may be a bit further left of field, but in the LR Baggs Align Equaliser pedal, I noticed there is a high-pass filter. I'm interested in buying this pedal, but am wondering whether this option can be turned off, without actually disabling the pedal itself - the reason I ask is that I use an octave pedal on my low E string, and am afraid the lower frequencies generated will be sucked out of my signal chain.

          Thanks again


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            Most LR Baggs products, including pickups and pedals, have a HPF built in at 40Hz, which is the lowest setting on the Align EQ's HPF. Acoustic instruments tend to suffer when frequencies below that are reproduced in the PA.

            For perspective, the low-E on a bass guitar is typically 41.2Hz, so you should still get a very full bass response by using an octave pedal with your LR Baggs gear.