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Anthem breaking up with volume load

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  • Anthem breaking up with volume load

    Hi there,
    I had an Anthem professionally installed recently. It worked in a few practice runs, but on trying live, and now in any practice setting, the sound breaks up on louder strumming/picking.
    I have taken the strings off and re-attached the cable ties/replaced dried adhesive, and checked all the connections are sound (they are). I have also replaced the battery (Duracell). Any ideas? Many thanks, Hugo

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    PS. I imagine the pre-amp is struggling with the signal amplitude, as this affects both the microphone and the under saddle piezoelectric pick up. I will try another battery brand in the meantime. Thanks for your help, in anticipation


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      Hey Hugo,
      Thanks for posting.

      Does the noise happen as soon as you plug in? Or does it take a few minutes before the noise kicks in?

      Also, are you using a regular copper-top or a different Duracell?

      Let me know and I will help however I can.


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        Okay, answered this myself
        It was a defective Duracell Plus battery. Switch to GP Ultra worked


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          Thanks Caleb, really appreciate your reply. All fixed now. Anthem sounding superb, totally capable of handling full tilt strumming/picking without any problems. Best wishes, Hugo


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            Glad to hear it, Hugo!

            Thanks for updating your post with the final results.