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  • Anthem TRS Jack

    Hi there !

    does the anthem come with a TRS end pin ?

    I would like to add a mag p/u maybe from Fishman and use a TRS jack to 2 TS jacks !

    one TS cable goes to a TC Hypergravity comp into a VENUE DI …… the other cable will go to another preamp with an octaver inserted on it ! Fishman sill be mounted in order to pick up low E string …

    this will be used in an Irish trad setup for a bass effect !

    is this achievable ?


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    The Anthem has a TRS jack, but it uses all three contacts. You would need a TRSS jack, or two separate jacks in the guitar if you wanted to add another pickup.

    It's also worth noting that fitting a magnetic pickup in the same soundhole as the Anthem can be a tight fit, and may not be possible depending on the bracing.


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      A friend I know uses the Anthem with a passive Ubertar pickup and it all worked with the standard LR Baggs Anthem endpin??

      How did he get it to work with the standard TRS endpin ?


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        If you add a second pickup to the ring channel of the jack, the Anthem will not function at all. I don't know how your friend would have wired it, but it's probably not like that unless other modifications were made. You would need to add another kind of switch to turn the system on and off, or you would need to use a different jack than the one that comes with the Anthem.