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Installing Anthem in Taylor 422R

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  • Installing Anthem in Taylor 422R

    I'm going to attempt to install an Anthem in my Taylor 422R and I'm trying to figure out if it's something I can do myself.

    The instructions mention "removing approximately .032” of saddle material". Given my Taylor has some kind of piezo pickup, does anybody know if normally you can remove the one that already exists so perhaps I won't have to change the saddle? And I guess if can't be remove, it's ok to lay this new one on top?

    I haven't checked yet, but would the guitar have a hole already given the already existing piezo pickup?

    Also, since I have an existing TRS plug, will the new one fit without having to change the existing hole?

    I'm hoping there is somebody out there with previous experience that can help.

    Thanks, Paul

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    Do you know what pickup you have in the guitar right now? ES1, ES2, or maybe a Fishman pickup?

    That will make a big difference in the modifications you need to make for the installation.


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      Caleb_Elling I don't know yet, just getting into the saddle right now, but it came installed with the Taylor 422R. From the picture I took, like a wire, similar to what I'm installing with the Athem. Wondering if anybody has done a Taylor like this to know what to expect.


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        It doesn't look like either of Taylor's Expression Systems. My guess is a basic Fishman undersaddle pickup.

        Have you confirmed if there's a pickup under the saddle yet?


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          Just got it off Caleb_Elling. I was a little scared it was glued. The guitar was made in 1997, based on my research. And that matches the time I bought it. Guess the wire underneath goes up the middle. Suppose it means I need to drill a new hole? And most likely lay the new pickup on top?


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            If the sensor is coming in from the middle, it shouldn't be glued in. It's likely just stuck from years of pressure and grime.

            You might be able to push the wire up from the middle. If it doesn't come up, you may need to wedge something under it from the end of the slot.

            In any case, you'll need to drill a new hole for the new undersaddle pickup.


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              Yes, pushing the wire got it out. The hole is on the side, so maybe I don't have to do a thing except the current pickup is 1.31mm and the Athen is 1mm. Does that mean I need a new saddle? Or is there something one can put in there to make up the difference?image.png


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                I would just try installing the Element pickup as-is. If the action is too low, you can go from there. You might be ok, depending on how precise your current setup is.