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two Anthems installed on two nylon string guitars ~ noticeable mid range difference

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  • two Anthems installed on two nylon string guitars ~ noticeable mid range difference

    firstly no actual complaints with the pick ups....after many years they are a dream come true
    I have two similar Nylon string guitars with the pickups installed
    one is cedar with a classical set up
    the other is Spruce as a flamenco set up
    Both same brand...Martinez/Katoh both part of their professional series

    its not that I want these guitars to sound the same and gain wise they are well balanced for an A/B setup
    however the flamenco has a noticeable jump in midrange tones/gain...really 'hot' ( for want of a better term ).. while the classical seems to have quite a scoop...or a normal tonal range from previous experience
    The flamenco also seems to lack low end frequencies...more pronounced low midrange...
    both have a similar amount of the mic blended in

    I use a Venue DI set up with Align session and reverb

    guess my question[s} is/are
    is this noticeable spike in midrange frequencies due to
    1 The Guitarsthemselves...not noticeable acoustically
    2 installation...meaning the mic component is in a different spot in relation to the under saddle
    3 would moving the mic alter midrange frequencies

    thanks in advance

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    Hey Al,
    That is an interesting question.

    There are several factors here and I think that any one of them could easily explain the difference in tone that you're hearing.

    First off, do you have the full Anthem or Anthem SL-C installed? And, are you sure you have the same version in both guitars?

    Mic placement would also play a big role in the mid-range response of the system. If the bracing is different between the two guitars, it could affect how the mic can be positioned. If the mic is placed differently in each guitar, that might be a big contributor. Changing the mic placement may be all you need to do, although it can be hard to predict which placement will sound best.


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      Thanks Caleb.....They are both the same pickup...Anthemn SL C ...ill try to upload some audio..both guitars have the same bracing, jut tone woods different...ill try to view where the mics are...and get back to my guitar tech...Thanks for the response...