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Popping crackling Anthem

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  • Popping crackling Anthem

    Hi there,
    I had an Anthem installed last year. It has never worked reliably I'm afraid. The problem is popping and crackling sounds, at any blend, and is not the battery. I had previously thought a Duracell battery was causing the problems. Changing to another brand seemed to help, for a short while. I have secured all the wires, and ensured all connections are solid. Sound file attached. Advice greatly appreciated.

    ThanksListen to Anthem problems .mp3 by hb15 on #SoundCloud


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    I imagine this relates to a faulty pre amp, as the problem is exacerbated by louder strumming/picking. It's a real shame, as the device is superb when it works, but I cannot use this live, as it's so unreliable. Do I need a replacement?
    many thanks


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      Hey Hugo,
      Your link for the sound sample isn't working. If you want to repost it or email it to me at [email protected], I can take a listen and see what I can do to help.


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        Hi Caleb,
        I must thank you for your help with this one. I have switched to a Varta Longlife Power battery, which is rock solid, eliminating the problem, but also sounding so much clearer. Best wishes, Hugo