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  • Anthem volumen insuficiente

    Buenos d

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    Anthem insufficient volume.
    Good morning. I have a Taylor guitar with an Anthem installed. The sound is excellent but the volume is insufficient.
    I play in a small band and use an Aer Compact 60 IV amp. My partner plays with a Godin electric guitar and with a similar amplifier and the one with the volume at half covers my guitar with the volume at maximum.
    I have read that the Anthems do not have a lot of volume but what happens to me is it normal or is it excessive?
    How can I solve that?
    Is there a pedal to increase the volume that does not affect the sound quality of the Anthem and that is not excessively expensive?
    Thank you so much.


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      Hey Oskar,
      I replied to your email a little while ago. If you didn't get it, please let me know. Here's the main part of what I said:

      The Anthem has a lower output than most other active acoustic guitar pickups, so what you're experiencing is not abnormal.

      Are you turning up the input gain on your amp to compensate for the lower output from the pickup? The AER has a good amount of gain available, so it should be capable of getting the Anthem up to a pretty good performance volume. You just need to stage the gain and volume levels correctly.

      Again, if you didn't get my email, please let me know. ​