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Anthem Battery Test Lights

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  • Anthem Battery Test Lights

    When my guitar is not plugged in and I have a battery voltage of 9.3 volts I will consecutively get readings of 5 lights, 2 lights, 1 light, and then no lights. If I plug a cable in with the same battery at 9.3 volts I will consistently get 5 lights. I've tried this with multiple batteries all between the voltages of 9.2 and 9.6 and get the same results. Any ideas? Or would this be considered normal?

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    Are you pressing and holding the battery check button in each of these cases?

    If so, the battery check should light up and stay on (as long as the button is held down), no matter if the guitar is plugged in or not.


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      Yes. Just now I tested it again with the battery at 9.29 volts. I would get two lights. While holding it the #2 light would fade out and then the #1 light. After that, they don't come back on again. It's rather strange.


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        Very strange!

        If you are interested in getting that fixed, just email me at [email protected] and I'll be happy to help you get that figured out.