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  • Anthem Distortion

    Hi folks

    I've had the anthem for around 5 years or so now and it's the best pick up I've ever had on an acoustic guitar. The tone is unmatched by anything else I have heard live

    However, lately I have been trying to play more percussively whilst looping (body tapping ect) and the bass drum sound is distorted and none of the other percussion sounds are very clear. Which is really disappointing as I had read anthems are ideal for this playing style

    I have tried to turn the onboard mic down with the screwdriver that was provided but no joy. It doesn't adjust the volume or time at all. I suspect that this volume control is set too high causing the distortion.

    My question is, is there any other way to turn this down? I noticed a small wheel type dial on the mic fixed to the inside of the bridge. Does this adjust the over all mic volume?

    Lastly, if the pick up is damaged can I just replace the pre amp part of does the whole thing need replacing?

    Thanks so much in advance

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    Hey Chris,
    I replied to the email you sent in with some follow-up questions. Get back to me when you can and we can work through some options.