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Anthem - light percussive cutting out

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  • Anthem - light percussive cutting out

    I have a very responsive dread that seems to have an issue with an Anthem system I've installed. Specifically when playing with a percussive manner (not tapping, but rather staccato chord strums with a palm/hand mute), the pickup system momentarily cuts out then comes back to full sound. It's almost like a roll off and roll on to prevent an overdrive. Does not matter whether the anthem mix is all the way to the bridge or neck (UST side to Trumic side, which still has UST in play). Again this is not excessive percussive play.

    Has anyone had this experience and can provide any guidance? Thanks!


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    Hey Filippo,
    Have you reached your hand into the soundhole to see if any of the connections are loose or noisy? If the battery connection or the output connection is loose, it could cause that kind of issue.