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Anthem SL became Dull and Boomy

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  • Anthem SL became Dull and Boomy

    Hi folks,

    I have a recently installed Anthem SL on my Martin DRS1.
    I tried to use the guitar in a live situation for two times, but not succeed.
    During the soundcheck the guitar sounded amazing, but after some time, it got dull and muddy (everything remains untouched in the mixer). Plenty of lows and almost no highs and mids. Some distortion is also noticeable.
    My first trial was to replace the batteries...but the battery was full of charge.

    I have read some reviews and there is more people with the same issue.
    My second shot is a bad trimpot, but I don't want to disassemble the preamp to not void the warranty.

    Do you guys have a hint?

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    It sounds to me like either the mic or the trim pot are not working correctly. If you adjust the trim pot, do the upper frequencies come back in at all?

    About how old is your SL?


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      Hi Caleb,

      No upper frequencies appear, even when turning the trim pot all way up (100% condenser). My Sl is brand new! I installed it two weeks ago and tried to use in a live situation for two times.
      I noticed when I tweak the trim pot a little bit, some white noise is present. Is it possible to be a defective pot?


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        It sounds like the mic itself may be bad. If the trim pot was bad it would more likely cut out or be noisy when adjusted.

        If you want to email me directly at [email protected], I will see what I can do to help you out.


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          Hey Caleb, I'm already in touch with Morgan.
          thanks for your help!


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            I just figured out the warranty won't work well for me , since I live in Brazil (customs issues). Could you guys help me to find out a solution for this issue?