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Combining Anthem (clean) with a Humbucker (distorted)

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  • Combining Anthem (clean) with a Humbucker (distorted)

    Question: Has anyone (here) installed an anthem with a magnetic pickup--in the same acoustic guitar?

    I have an anthem in my acoustic to get (mostly) classical/fingerstyle/flamenco sounds.
    For fun, I'd like to be able to alternate b/w clean (anthem) and distorted/sabbath/doom'y (humbucker) sounds.

    This is not for stage use

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    I've never done it. If I were going to, I would probably use a 4-conductor jack and output in stereo. That way an external switch could be used to go back and forth between the two signals and you could run them into two separate amps or signal chains.


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      Stereo plug sounds ideal! Definitely, the plan is to process separately...playing to the strengths of microphonic/anthem and a humbucker with an overdrive pedal.
      Given the anthem is already in the sound hole, can you (also) put humbucker in there? Or, is another approach necessary. Thanks for humoring me


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        The full Anthem takes up quite a bit of space in the soundhole, so it is not likely that you will be able to fit a soundhole pickup as well. The Anthem SL can usually work around a soundhole pickup since the controls in the soundhole are so much smaller.