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LR Baggs Anthem - Lowden split saddle element sold separately?

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  • LR Baggs Anthem - Lowden split saddle element sold separately?

    Hi, I recently purchased 2 x LR Bagg's anthem pick up systems to fit into my 2 Lowden guitars.

    Unfortunately, because the Lowden has a split saddle, I'm told by my installer that the supplied single under saddle element can't be fitted. My installer went ahead and installed just the Tru Mic component without the element, but this sounds quite terrible - there is no bass to the amplified sound (I assume because the element is also required?).

    I've since learnt that LR Baggs sell a special Lowden Anthem system with a split element - i.e. I ordered the standard Anthem system by mistake

    I was wondering, do LR Bagg's sell just the split under saddle element separately (or another supplier)?

    Alternatively, can the single element I have be fitted to a Lowden, e.g. by cutting the element into the parts and custom wiring somehow? (I'm guessing probably not but worth asking!)

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed, because I've spent quite a lot on the 2 Anthem systems, so I'm hoping I can just purchase the split element component or modify the existing one.

    Thanks a lot to anyone who can help me on this!


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    Hey Mike,
    I responded to your email a little while ago.

    For anyone else reading this, the Element is an essential part of the Anthem system since it carries the bass frequencies of the guitar. Installing the mic only will result in a very thin sound which would be entirely unusable. We do make a spit saddle version of the Element pickup, which can be ordered from a local LR Baggs dealer by custom-order.


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      Thanks a lot Celeb. You did indeed reply to me via email the same day I asked the question... Impressive customer service!


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        Hey Mike, How does it sound?