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Anthem -- Element broken; cut off end? / Batt check light out

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  • Anthem -- Element broken; cut off end? / Batt check light out

    First post! Thanks for the wisdom you've shared during my lurking days.

    Installed Anthem myself into a J-45 that had had an iMix (Element + iBeam + nice preamp). I'm NOT a pro luthier.... Initially both Element pickup and Tru-Mic worked.

    1) After some wrangling--different story--I realized I'd broken the Element. No sound coming out at all when blend set to Element, though cable inside guitar makes plenty of noise when touched, no matter where blend control set. About where the braided cable comes out of the saddle and goes into guitar's cavity, there is now an obviously frayed place in the braid, and when I touch it, all of the length of the Element's braid is sensitive (makes very audible sound when touched/scratched gently) EXCEPT the last 4", the part that's supposed to be "the pickup." So, can I cut off the last 4" and use the next 4" as the pickup? There's enough length. Don't know whether there's something special about last 4"...or is the whole, long braid really "the pickup"?

    2) About same time, battery light died. Battery's fully charged, and mic works, but pushing battery check button doesn't cue the lights to come on. I tried unplugging and replugging the battery-to-preamp plug.

    Thoughts extremely welcome!

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    Hey Lee,
    Thanks for posting!

    The last 3.4" of that coax wire is the active sensor. So it sounds like it broke exactly where the sensor connects to the inner part of the coax wire. Unfortunately, that means you will need to get a replacement pickup.

    As for the battery LEDs, that is really odd! I've probably seen that before, but it's been a long time. If you want to email me directly at [email protected] I will see what I can work out for you regarding a repair.