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  • Stagepro Anthem vs Anthem

    So I have the green light to get my heirloom/dream guitar, and I’ve decided to go with the Taylor K14CE. The problem I’m having is deciding how to modify/replace the pickup. I believe I can get the guitar without a pickup from the factory, so I wouldn’t have to worry about filling holes/replacing what’s usually there stock.
    I want to put in an Anthem, but like the added features and battery accessibility of the Stagepro Anthem. Obviously, this would require cutting into the side to install, so my question is, is it worth it?
    I know this hinges a lot on personal preference, but am I crazy for considering a permanent modification on this guitar?

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    Hey Thinepa,
    Congratulations on getting your dream guitar! That's so exciting.

    Making a choice like that is definitely a matter of personal preference, but here is my opinion. Pickup technology hasn't changed too much in the last 10-15 years, but it has changed a lot in the last 20-30 years. If you want to have that guitar for the rest of your life, passing it on to future generations, you don't want to make a large change to the guitar that cannot be undone. If the Stage Pro Anthem is ever discontinued, you could be forced to enlarge the hole to fit something else if you ever needed to upgrade.

    If you go with the standard Anthem, it will require fewer modifications to the guitar, and the system can be more easily upgraded if a newer system/upgrade ever comes along.

    That's my opinion. Some people want as much control at their fingertips as they can get, which is also a valid position for people who perform a lot. I hope this helps.


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      Thanks Caleb - I appreciate your input. That’s exactly the crossroad I’m encountering - risk regretting a permanent change, or pursuing the features I’d ideally like to have.
      much appreciated!


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        A compromise might be to go with the standard Anthem and have a battery box installed near the tail of the guitar. The Anthem's battery wire would need to be modified by the installer, but that isn't difficult to do.


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          I wonder if it would be possible to utilize the battery box that comes stock on the Taylor ES system? Might take a little soldering, but an intriguing idea.


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            I've replaced a lot of Taylor systems, and I almost always re-use the battery box. If you get a guitar with an existing battery box, it should be pretty easy to utilize. Like I said, the installed will just need to lengthen the battery wire to reach the tail of the guitar.