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Hummingbird Anthem with adjustable bridge

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  • Hummingbird Anthem with adjustable bridge

    Hello --I'm new to forum-- this question likely been asked before--subject Guitar is my 1970 Lyle Hummingbird Lawsuit Edition. I bought back then--adjustable bridge. Has any one here tried to install a Anthem under a bridge like this--I was told by a Luther that it wont work --but this guitar sounds every bit as good as any vintage Hummingbird I have ever Heard and has beautiful tone. I just as soon keep the bribge as it comes in handy an has a very nice tone.
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    Hey baggsuser,
    I've seen situations where a talented Luthier was able to make an undersaddle pickup work with an adjustable bridge. I've also seen a lot of people who have tried and they just weren't able to get it to work quite right. A lot of it depends on the design of the bridge. If the saddle sits inside of a metal channel or slot, then the pickup can sometimes be installed in that slot like it would in any other saddle slot. If that works out then the difficulty is usually in getting the pickup to balance correctly in the metal slot. At that point, it takes a bit of trial and error.

    All that is to say that it "can" be done.