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Anthem pick up piezo noise

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  • Anthem pick up piezo noise

    I have a a Martin with an Anthem installed in it that whenever I use the piezo side of the pickup I get hissing noise whenever it is near a wireless microphone. It is the only guitar with an anthem that has this problem. I work at a church where we have 5 other players with the same pickup but on different guitars without this problem. Is there a solution for this? or is the pick up broken? It doesn't sound bad overall just noisy if I use the piezo.

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    Hey TheRobSully,
    The Anthem had a revision change/upgrade a couple of years ago that improved how it handles digital interference. If you have an older model Anthem, that could be the problem.

    We don't really have an "upgrade program", but if you need to make it work, let me know at [email protected] and I will see what I can do to help.