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    I recently had the Anthem SL system installed in my Morgan DR. I am happy with the sound of the pickup/mic, but really wish I'd spent the extra money for the straight Anthem system. I don't like the little screwdriver adjustment for balancing the pickup/mic. Is it possible to buy the controls for the Anthem system separate from the jack, mic, ribbon and install them with the system already in my guitar?

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    Unfortunately, the Anthem SL's connections are all hard-soldered to the preamp, while they are connected with mini-plugs on the full Anthem. So you would need to upgrade the entire system in order to use the regular Anthem system.

    As an aside, the screwdriver control on the SL is not actually a blend. It's a Mic Gain or Mic Trim control. In the SL, the undersaddle only carries the bass frequencies, while the mic carries the mids and treble. So turning that control up will give you more mic, and a brighter sound. Turning it down will give you a darker or dull tone depending on the setting.

    The full Anthem has this same setting when you blend over to the "mic" side of the mix. So you never get 100% mic on either system. You can get 100% pickup with the regular Anthem by mixing over to the "pickup" side of the mix.


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      Okay, thanks. And thanks for the explanation of how the system operates.