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Anthem with Seagull S6 hum around 100-120hz

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  • Anthem with Seagull S6 hum around 100-120hz

    Hi everyone! I'm new here!
    Some months ago I purchased an Anthem for my Seagull S6. The sound is fantastic,I really like it! it was installed by a professional luthier, but he didn't reach to help me about the problem I'm gonna expose now:
    I can hear a strong HUM when I use the lowest strings for long notes (for example in a chord) around 100-120hz (it varies depending on the note I'm playing).
    It's loudest when I use the Tru-Mic system, but it exists also when I use only the Element. I try everytime to change phase, but the hum changes just a bit, from loudest to slighty lower.
    In rehearsal room it's a total mess: I played with other guys on synthesizers, drums, and electric guitar and bass. The pick up is low output so I need to set up with a good amount of volume and gain in the mixer, (obviously within the limits to not distort) when I play the hum can be heard strong.
    I also try in some recording sessions in my home, and I can see the hz of the hum thorugh the eq from Ableton.
    In the recording session it's very easy to eliminate that, but at the same time I loose many of the natural sound on the lowest strings, and the sound of the guitar became thinner.
    From the reharsal room I have a low quality mixer and I can just eliminate "LOW FREQ" without depth settings, and the sound of the guitar dies.
    I didn't try in live because of Covid stop of gigs in Italy.
    Is that normal? I think the guitar maybe can have this resonance, but when I record it with the condenser mic I can't hear any strong hum problem in these freqs as with the Anthem.
    Do you think it can be a defect of my Anthem? If this not I will need a good EQ for Acoustic Guitar for live and reharsal?

    Thank you very much, and sorry for my english!

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    Hello nervielia,
    It sounds to me like you are experiencing some feedback at the guitar's primary resonant frequencies. Inverting the Phase can help, but as you said, it will just shift the sensitive note to another one nearby.

    The Anthem is not highly sensitive to feedback, but depending on the guitar's resonance, it can feed back more in more resonant guitars. One important thing in the installation is to make sure that the Element pickup is correctly anchored to the guitar top. If the pickup is not properly held down with the provided wire clips, the pickup may be more sensitive to feedback than necessary. If you want to email me at [email protected] I can send you more details about how that installation should look.

    Aside from that, a good Notch filter is going to be the best way to deal with that in a live situation.


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      Thank you very much Caleb_Elling
      I sent you an email.