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Upgrade of Anthem SL

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  • Upgrade of Anthem SL

    I hope this is not too dumb of a line of questions, but I have the Anthem SL system in one of my acoustics and the full Anthem in the other. I like the flexibility of the full Anthem much better.

    Is it possible to upgrade the SL by removing the volume knob control, and replacing it with the controls from the full Anthem? Is there more to it than that? Where would I get just the full Anthem's volume/blend control by itself?

    Regretting saving $100 on the SL.


    Jax, FL

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    Hey Jax,
    Unfortunately, the Anthem SL components are all soldered together, while the full Anthem components are connected with mini-plugs. So you would need to completely change out the system in order to change over to the full Anthem.


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      Thank you ... was totally unaware of that. Bummer - I had a bad feeling when I bought the SL, like "this could be a mistake" - seems it was.


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        The SL is my favorite system, mostly because it has the best sounds from the Anthem, but in a smaller package. For people that want more control over the mix, the full Anthem is the way to go.