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LR Baggs Anthem white noise

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  • LR Baggs Anthem white noise


    I was wondering if someone could help me with this:

    I've recently installed the LR Baggs Anthem on my Guild acoustic, everything done with the greatest care, but when plugged in, I can't hear myself playing over the noise coming from the tru mic. The element works just fine, but as soon as the mic is brought into the mix, there's a constant hiss, crackling and popping, even at low volume. Can someone tell me if this is a common issue and if this can somehow be resolved? Right now, I am not really hearing the noise cancelling features that I was expecting when I bought the pickup system.

    Kind regards, Frederic

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    Hey Frederic,
    Thanks for posting.

    It sounds like you may just have a bad mic, which is pretty rare. If you can, try unplugging the mic from the preamp. If the noise stops, shoot me an email at [email protected] and I can work with you to get that mic replaced.

    If the noise continues with the mic unplugged, that would be even more strange, but should still be fixable with a simple parts swap.