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Anthem crackles and pops

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  • Anthem crackles and pops

    Recently installed a new Anthem on my Taylor 814 CE.
    Played it thru my personal Bose L1 and sounded amazing for 2 weeks.
    Played a few live events (x3) during that 2 weeks through the provided house system with no issues, again sounded amazing.
    Played the same venue through the house system the fourth time and had all kinds of crackling, poping consistently and a complete loss of sound ocassionally.
    - Changed out the battery - same crackling
    - Tried new 1/4" cable - same crackling
    - Tried playing through personal L1 - same crackling
    Need help resolving this issue.

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    Hey Oldguy,
    Thanks for posting.

    Is the crackling happening all the time? like a white noise in the background?

    Or is it intermittent?