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  • Anthem SL Element Volume

    I reinstalled my Anthem SL in my Martin D16. Since I removed it, I have changed lots of downstream gear and thought I would give it another shot.

    When I adjust the blend between the element and the tru-mic, it loses volume the closer I get to the element. Is this normal?

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    Hey Marty,
    The Anthem SL doesn't actually have a blend control between the pickup and the mic. That screwdriver controls the Mic Level.

    The undersaddle pickup in the SL only carries the bass frequencies (250Hz and below). The mic carries the mid and treble frequencies (250Hz and above). This is how the system is pre-set from the factory, and the blend is not adjustable.

    Turning up the Mic Level turns up your mid and treble frequencies, giving you a brighter sound overall. Turning that down will give you a darker sound. You can see more about that here:

    I hope this helps.


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      Thanks Caleb. Maybe I have an issue. I don’t seem to get much sound when I go more toward the element. It I position the tru-mic in the middle, it seems way too bright. There never seems to be any bass.


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        Because the Element only carries the low end, turning the Mic Level down will significantly drop the overall volume of the system.

        Are you getting any low end at all when you lower the mic and turn up the overall volume at your amp or mixer?

        If not, it could be that the Element is no longer working.


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          When I turn the mic to zero, there is still some weak sound but no low end. You may be correct about the element. There should be some thump there when I palm mute the E and A string, but there isn’t.

          If this is the case, what are my options. It is several years old. I can’t remember the year I purchased it. Is it dead or can it be repaired?
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            Shoot me an email at [email protected] and I will see what we can work out for you.