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Anthem white noise

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  • Anthem white noise

    I have installed Anthem in my Martin。
    when I plug my guitar into the audio interface and turn the voice up,I always heard the constant noise from playback。
    The most strange thing,when my one hand touches the string and another hand touch the audio interface、the strapack and the piezo,the noise is gone。
    How can I fix this problem?

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    Hey OddBeck,
    Thanks for posting.

    Do you get the same noise if you plug directly into an amp?

    I've had a similar issue when recording through my USB interface on my Laptop. In my case, the interface being USB powered didn't have a good ground path, so hum would often occur. To give the interface a good ground path I was able to plug an output from my interface into an amp (amp turned off). The ground path to the amp reinforced the ground/shielding in the system and eliminated the noise. I don't know if that is the same situation that you're experiencing, but I figured I would share my experience for whatever it's worth.


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      Thanks Caleb,I find that my laptop and interface have not ground. I solve it through changing the charge has groud pin.