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Anthem Tru Mic/Piezo problem

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  • Anthem Tru Mic/Piezo problem

    So I have an Anthem Tru Mic/Piezo in my HD28V. Love it, sounds great. So I bought another one for my 1970 D18. Had it installed and can’t get hardly a third of the sound out of it. I’m thinking it has to be something g electronically wrong with a part of it. I’ve already ordered a new one, to replace it, but was just wondering if this happens sometime. It’s installed exactly the same. Using same sound system and cables, just have hardly any output ?? Thanks for any advice.

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    Hey Jocaho,

    The Lyric preamps and mic are individually tested to ensure consistent output levels. The mic test is performed by ear, so there is a bit more room for human error there. However, more often than not, the output level differences from one guitar to the next will have more to do with the guitars themselves. The body size and shape, the woods used, the bracing, and the saddle material all play a part in the output level of the Lyric.

    So you may be able to get more output by changing out the system in the D18. If the results are similar after changing it out, the guitar is likely the cause of that.

    I hope this helps.