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Microphonic cable (?)

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  • Microphonic cable (?)

    I have an Anthem installed in my Lowden and when I move the guitar it makes a sound as if handling a live mic. I took it to a repair shop and they found that one of the (metal) cables were making the noice when you touched it. They called it microphonic cable and said it was an issue sometimes with cheap pickups. The cables were not properly fastened so when I moved the guitar it made this noice. Is it a faulty cable or what?

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    Hey Dagvo,
    The undersaddle pickup in the Anthem is naturally microphonic, by design. If that is held down properly with the internal wire clips then it shouldn't cause any issues. The handling noise you are hearing is likely from the mic itself. Do you get the same handling noise on both sides of the pickup/mic blend?


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      Hi Caleb.
      I have fastened the wires and problem has gone away. Didn't get to check noice on both side of pickup/mic blend. There was no noice when we went inside the guitar and tapped the mic itself.


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        Glad to hear it!