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    Hi, have an Anthem SL self-installed, but working fine - lovely tone. Just curious about the output type, is it balanced or unbalanced? Should I use a TRS cable for best results? My external box has TRS balanced inputs throughout, so wondering if using a normal mono guitar cable is losing out somehow? I see a lot of recommendations to use a DI box here (which I don't have tho could get), is this necessary with the SL for home recording?

    Sorry if these are dumb questions - just can't can't seem to find any precise info here or elsewhere...

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    The Anthem SL is a regular unbalanced output. Using a TRS cable with the SL won't hurt anything, but it won't give you an advantage over a regular TS cable. For home recording, you should be able to plug directly into your interface without an additional preamp or DI, unless you want one. The benefits of a preamp/DI at that point would be more related to the EQ and other features that might be available. The DI itself is most beneficial over longer cable runs.