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Anthem Sl vs Element

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  • Anthem Sl vs Element

    I just bought a Cort Frank Gambale lux guitar with the Element installed. It sounded a little quacky to me so I upgraded with the Anthem SL. The Anthem has far less output that the Element had. Is that common? Also, It's still not as natural sounding as I would like. the demos on Youtube sound better to me. Any suggestions?

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    Hey Bob,
    The Anthem systems generally have a lower output compared to other active systems, while the Element and Element VTC are on the hotter end of the scale.

    The key to getting a natural sound from the SL is setting the Mic Level control correctly. You can see more about that here:

    If you set the Mic Level so that the bass, mids, and highs are balanced, does it sound more like the guitar?


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      Thanks, I was concerned that there might be a problem with the preamp since it had so much less output than the other pickup. I have adjusted the balance and it is somewhat better.


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        If you are still unhappy with the sound, let me know what's going on and I will do what I can to help.