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    I’m thinking of getting the anthem mic, but I’d like a easy way to access the battery instead of loosing strings to deal with the battery. Thoughts?

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    The battery lasts a very long time... Not really another option short of mounting bag outside and running wires out of the soundhole or cutting a hole... Not a big deal with bag inside


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      It would be great if they offered a side mount battery compartment. I'm not a fan of the bag. Yes, it is supposed to last 100 hrs. however it inevitably dies just before or in the middle of a performance. There is a lot going on before a performance and I don't always remember to check the battery level. My hands are big so it is tough to get the bag re-attached. Loosen the top four strings, ha. More like remove all of the strings to get to the bag. Have had it come loose during a show. No fun. This product would be perfect if they had a side mount battery compartment option.


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        The Anthem should give you closer to 300 hours of playing time, which should be enough to last most people through a string change (or two). So I usually recommend checking the battery as part of the string-change routine. Even then, I've definitely had a few cases where I've plugged in and had that moment of panic where I needed to quickly loosen the strings to get to the battery. It's not fun.

        LR Baggs doesn't make a standalone battery box, but there are lot of versions available from 3rd part makers. I just looked up "guitar battery box" online and found dozens of options. Any of them should work just fine with the Anthem with a simple modification to the battery wire.

        There's definitely a trade off between convenience and minimal modifications.