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Element VTC with mic/mixer options

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  • Element VTC with mic/mixer options

    Hi there am new here. I read that i can add an additional passive mic if am using wiring element in stereo(as it has a stereo jack)….

    1.what are my options for mics and small pedal sized mixers?
    2. Why can’t i add another active pickup as the end jack is only a stereo jack that turns on the preamp active.
    3.Can i add an active pickup like the M1 so i can use the volume thumbwheel on the M1 for separate volumes between the M1 and the element(as the element has it’s own volume). This means the guitar i am using will have 2 preamps in it, splitted by the endpin jack in stereo, sent to 2 amps or 2 channels on a PA mixer…or can i sum the output by combining the hot wires of the 2 pickups… i was thinking if this can be done to eliminate the use of an external mixer to mix levels. Controlling them on the guitar will be easier and more flexible for me…

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    Thanks for posting!

    The jack on the Element VTC is a TRSS jack. The Tip is the hot for the Element signal, the Ring is open, the Switch is for switching the pickup on and off when the cable is plugged in, and the Sleeve is ground. On the preamp PCB itself, there are two solder points. Once that goes to the Ring on the jack, and the common ground.

    You can technically connect the switching contact of another active system to the switch on the VTC jack, but the wiring is extremely tight within the barrel shield and that won't work with a 3V pickup like the M1A. Combining the switching contacts of a 3V battery and a 9V battery will cause the power to "load", overloading the smaller battery. This could cause the M1A permanent damage.

    The second connection on the preamp is really designed to be used with a passive pickup, or a mic that can be powered externally via the hot and ground. The LR Baggs Mixpro provides power like this, but LR Baggs doesn't currently make any standalone mics that will work in this configuration.


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      Thanks for the reply!
      Does a M1a has a switch of its own on the pickup itself so i don’t need to use to switch on by plugging in a 1/4” in the end pin


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        No, the M1A is turned on at the jack. It doesn't have a dedicated switch on the pickup.