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Element VTC one string has lower output

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  • Element VTC one string has lower output

    I've recently bought an Epiphone Slash J-45 which has the LR Baggs Element VTC pickup installed.
    The amplified sound is fine but the low E is quieter than others. What can I do to fix it? What causes the problem?
    To be honest I'd had the same issue with the Element in a Gibson J-15 a few years ago but I changed it to another pickup.
    It looks like a fairly common issue.

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    String balance issues are definitely not uncommon, especially from factory-installed pickups where they don't have time to sit down and listen to the amplified sound very closely.

    If the high-E is quiet, it could be that the pickup just isn't positioned far enough into the saddle slot to cover the whole saddle. It could also be an issue with the fit of the saddle or the flatness of the bottom of the saddle. There are multiple things to consider, but since these kinds of issues aren't uncommon, most guitar shops can diagnose and fix the issue pretty easily. If you bought the guitar locally, the shop you bought it from might be able to fix it under warranty.


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      Thanks Caleb.
      I didn't buy the guitar locally, bought it online importing it and paying duty tax etc. so returning it for that reason wouldn't be worth it.
      I'll leave it for now because the string imbalance is not that terrible and I might change the pickup in the future.


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        A local shop would likely still be able to fix the issue, even if you didn't buy it from them. You might just have to pay a repair fee.

        An Epiphone or Gibson dealer should be able to cover any issues at no charge if there's still a warranty on the guitar.