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Intermittent hissing and popping from Element

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  • Intermittent hissing and popping from Element

    Aloha. I have a new guitar with an Element installed. I recently have been noticing what starts off as intermittent hissing while strings are engaged. Almost like the output is too hot however the sound that's produced is not bogging or distorted. The hissing continues through the gig and continuously gets more noticeable while I'm playing. At certain times after about an hour playing through, the hissing will happen intermittently even when I'm not playing at all...even a few random static-y pops start to occur. I've changed the battery and noticed with a fresh battery the hissing is not as prominent but can still be heard. I've reached into the body of the guitar to feel for any loose connections at the battery pack or at the jack, nothing I touched affected the sound. only the undersaddle line would respond when moved but nothing cured the hiss.

    I also noticed recently that my guitar pedals pop when engaged...(possibly a totally separate issue but all symptoms started at the same time). I took a Voltmeter to the tip and sleeve of the Element output jack and noticed 1.4VDC present. is this normal?

    It's a great guitar and setup but this hissing and popping is trippin me out. Any ideas? Mahalo for your time.

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    Have you had the same noise issue with different amps?

    You shouldn't be getting a DC voltage reading from the output jack. That would indicate an issue in the preamp. If you turn the volume control up and down, does it make noise?


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      There is hissing present when the volume control is moved up and down. Yeah, Im pretty sure there shouldn't be any DC voltage present either. After checking other acoustic guitars I had today, DCV were between 100-200 mV. Also, no popping present when engaging pedals on my board...(probably due to the excess VDC bleed from the guitar).

      This guitar was just purchased brand new and the hissing was not an issue when purchased. Just need to find a way to remedy the situation or a path forward.


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        How long have you owned the guitar?

        It may be best to email me directly at [email protected] so we can go over some potential options to get that repaired.