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Wiring a passive humbucker with the element

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  • Wiring a passive humbucker with the element

    Is it possible to wire in a passive humbucker with the element such that I can either switch between the two on board the guitar or blend the two together? I've seen a few options with off board mixers and I'd like to avoid that if possible.

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    It is possible to add a passive pickup to the Element Active (and VTC) for stereo output. You don't have any onboard control over the passive pickup, but you can send a stereo signal from the Element jack and process the switching and blending of the signals externally.

    Here's a diagram that shows how to wire it up.
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      I know you can do that, I was hoping for something along the lines of taking the output from the preamp and running it through a 2 pickup circuit with the output from the preamp acting as a pickup.


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        Or if there's an overall schematic of the preamp board, I'd love to look through it to see if it's possible with some mods.


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          Unfortunately, the schematics are proprietary and not available for distribution. The mod above is the only one that can be done without voiding the warranty of the system.


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            I wanted to do the same thing and Baggs told me that the added mag pickup would be post preamp, therefore no volume or tone controls. If you somehow find a way to do it, then please let us know!