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Element + Line 6 G10 wireless Compatibility

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  • Element + Line 6 G10 wireless Compatibility

    I recent bought a line6 G10 wireless system to utilize with both my Acoustic and electric guitar rigs. However when plugging into my acoustic guitar a high frequency hum is introduced.
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    Is it possible to wire the element to be passive or to flip the phase? For reference I


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      Hey s_treag,
      I responded to your email with some info and possible workarounds. If you need any more info just let me know.


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        I have this issue too.
        I have a Gibson Hummingbird with Element installed and get the high frequency hum. My GS Mini with M1a works perfectly.




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          Hey Paul,
          Thanks for posting.

          The noise you're getting is a digital interference, caused by the wireless transmitter. The best way that I've seen to get around that issue is to decouple the transmitter from the jack by using an adapter or short cable extension. In some cases, a basic adapter like the Hosa GPP-151 is enough to do the trick. In a few other cases, a 6"-12" cable extension will separate the transmitter from the preamp/jack and get rid of the noise entirely. The Hosa adapter is a much easier option though.

          Line 6 actually includes an adapter in the box with the G10. If you have the G10 and the box it came in, it should be an easy test.