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Weird Chirpy Sound on LR Baggs Element VTC

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  • Weird Chirpy Sound on LR Baggs Element VTC

    Recently I started recording with my Gibson J45 (2003) with Element VTC pickup direct into a Scarlett Solo Gen2 audio interface…

    Not sure why but it does this weird chirping/squeaky sound before I even started strumming, or whenever it is plugged in it starts to squeak.
    I tried troubleshooting the issue and isolating where the chirping sound comes from and found out that it came from the LR Baggs pickup.
    Any idea how to remove the sound? Tried adjusting the volume of the pickup too. It is gone when the volume is down to 0.

    Here are my gear list and signal chain fyi.
    Gibson J45 (2003) -> Scarlett Solo Gen 2 Audio Interface -> Macbook Air (2014) w Logic Pro X Software
    Cables I tried using Neutrik & Planetwaves. I have also changed the battery

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    Hey Darren,
    That's definitely strange. Are you getting the same thing through any other amps/setups?

    I've used the Focusrite Scarlett quite a bit and I occasionally run into odd noise issues when I use it with my laptop. If you're using headphones, using the 1/4" out into an amp or speaker (turned off) is enough to ground everything and get rid of some noise. Just a thought.