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  • Stage pro element no output

    I have a Crafter GLXE-3000 with factory fitted stage pro element. I bought the guitar new in 2009 and never had a problem until recently. The tuner works fine but I'm getting no output to the amp. New batteries make no difference. I have noticed that when switching the tuner off there is a loud crack through the amp. I think the stage pro may have died. Any other suggestions?

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    Hey Dave,
    Thanks for posting.

    If the tuner is working, but there's no output, I would suspect an issue with the output jack. It could be the preamp, but there's a chance that something in the output jack is not turning the preamp on correctly.

    If you have an 1/8" to 1/4" adapter and a regular guitar cable, you can try bypassing the output jack to see if that solves the issue. If that is the problem, you can get a new jack online by searching for the "Baggs M1C2". If that isn't the problem, you can email me directly at [email protected] to talk about getting you a new preamp.

    I hope this helps.


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      I am new to the forum and unsure if these posts get closed, but I will give it try.

      I have the same problem: no output and it just recently happened. I have a Stag Pro Element factory mounted in a Breedlove D25. The tuner picks up the signal from the saddle element accurately as indicated by the tuning lights. I removed the M1C2 cable and tesedt it on my ohmeter for all 3 connections end to end and it passed meaning no resistance on the correct path and infinite resistance to the other paths.

      Path 1: tip of connector to red wire 0 ohms
      Path 2: middle of connect to white wire 0 ohms
      Path 3: bottom of connector to metal wire holder 0 ohms

      I have removed the back cover but am reluctant to remove any of the boards. Any advice on next steps?


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        Hey Mike,
        Thanks for posting.

        The test you did is great for finding shorts, but if the jack was not shorting the ring and sleeve connections when a TS cable is inserted, that wouldn't show up on your test. If you have a 1/8" mono (TS) cable that you can plug into the back of the preamp, that would tell you for sure if the preamp is turning on correctly or not. Likewise if you have a 1/8" male to 1/4" female stereo adapter that you can plug a mono cable into, that would work to test it as well.

        There definitely could be an issue in the preamp, but that really isn't as common as something in the jack wearing out over time. If the issue is in the preamp, it would be best if you emailed me directly at [email protected] to discuss repair or replacement options.

        I hope this helps.