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LR Baggs Stage Pro Element Tuner Issue

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  • LR Baggs Stage Pro Element Tuner Issue

    In may this year, I treated myself to an Alvarez AGFM80CEAR Acoustic Guitar (fantastic guitar, by the way) This came with the LR Baggs Stage Pro Element System. Although the system works well and sounds good, I have a minor issue with the on-board Tuner! The manual instructions say to press the tuner button once to turn on the tuner display, then to press again after tuning to switch it off. The problem I have is that the tuner rarely turns on after one push of the button, and usually requires 2 or 3 pushes before the tuner display becomes active!

    UPDATE - I have contacted LR Baggs again, and they will be sending me a replacement unit!
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    Thanks for calling in. If you need anything else, please let us know.


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      Thanks - I will let you know how I get on when the new unit arrives....