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Issue with an older Element, Factory-installed on Gibson SJ-100

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  • Issue with an older Element, Factory-installed on Gibson SJ-100

    Hello hello. I have a 2007 Gibson SJ-100 that seemed to always work fine, though I have to admit I didn't plug it in much at all; it was really just used for recording through a mic. But once I started attending open mics last year, I found output through the pickup to be boomy and unbalanced, with the low strings coming through much hotter than the high strings. Having now visited this site, I realize the issue probably has to do with the way the pickup is seated under the saddle. (I seem to clear the extra 1/8" at the treble end just fine.)

    But before I send the guitar off to a tech to get it worked on...I pulled out the pickup (in attempting to reseat the whole assembly) and found that the end of it looks different from the images on your site. Is this normal? The end of the pickup looks a little like it's been tinned with a soldering iron.

    I just want to know if I need to replace the whole thing.



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    Hey bmusic,
    That is completely normal. The tip of the pickup is crimped and sealed to fully shield the pickup. The black dot indicates the top side of the pickup.

    If you're having string balance issues, a local guitar tech should be able to diagnose and fix the issue pretty easily.