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Tuner problem too!

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  • Tuner problem too!

    I just purchased (1/15/21) a new Rainsong CO-OM 1000 NS which came with the LRB Element setup. At first I thought I was doing something wrong, it takes anywhere from 5-10 pushes of the button to get the tuner to turn on, however, only 1 push to shut it off. I tried a new battery, same problem. I see in a thread below another user has the same issue, albeit only 2-3 pushes.

    I expect the system will be replaced by Rainsong or LRB. My question, is this PLUG & PLAY? Will I be able to replace just the control panel by plugging in a new one (is there a connector) or will I need to change the entire system and have connections soldered?




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    Hey Rob,
    That preamp is completely modular, so you would just need to unplug the connections at the back of the preamp, swap the preamp, and plug the connections back in.

    As for the tuner issue, it should turn on and off with one quick press. For some reason, if you press and hold the button for too long it will cycle on and back off immediately. If the tuner isn't coming on reliably, please email Rainsong or us at LR Baggs at [email protected] to get that taken care of.