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Can anyone identify this pickup?

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  • Can anyone identify this pickup?

    I recently acquired a used (1996) Larrivee OMV-03S with LR Baggs electronics (which I presume are original factory install, though I could be wrong). The shoulder panel looks *similar* to Stagepro Element (same "e" logo), but not quite the same. Can anyone tell me what it is? (photo attached)

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    That system is called the Element Notch. It was made exclusively for Larrivee in the late 90's and early 2000's. The Stage Pro is actually a direct drop-in replacement for the Element Notch. So it's an easy upgrade if you ever need to do that.

    If you have any more questions, just let me know.


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      Sweet, thanks! I will consider that. On this one the pop-out drawer sticks sometimes, so getting to the battery an be a pain. Plus the little rubber pads on the slider seem to fall off whenever I slide them.
      Do they use the same transducer? Would the Stagepro be an improvement in the sound? TBH I'm not that crazy about how this one sounds.


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        The Stage Pro Element will probably sound pretty similar, but the Stage Pro Anthem would be a worthy upgrade if you ever wanted to go that way. The mic in that system is amazing!