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LB6 Passive vs Active

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  • LB6 Passive vs Active

    Hi There!

    I apologize for the nerdy question, but I was curious if there was any tonal advantage to using the LB Endpin Preamp? I am typically content with a passive LB6 but was curious if there's any tonal improvement from the enpin pre, besides just driving long cable lengths. I'm typically running down a 10' cable to a Zoom AC3, Venue, or Para DI. Does a LB "sound better" with the endpin pre or is it just a matter of driving cable lengths and going straight to mixers?


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    Hey MrErikJ,
    The LB Preamp has some EQ built into the preamp in addition to just adding gain. So adding the LB Preamp does tend to improve the overall tone of the pickup as well.

    It is a pretty generic EQ curve, but it does reduce some of the ultra low-end and even out the mids a bit. I would say that it's definitely an easy improvement to the pickup.


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      Dang it, Caleb. Making me put a battery in my guitars


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        Right?! The things we do in the name of TONE!


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          Is the endpin preamp sold as a package with LB6 or is it a separate product? If separate, where is it sold?


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            The LB Preamp is sold separately. Here are a couple of links-