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Two questions and a suggestion … OK, 3 questions

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  • Two questions and a suggestion … OK, 3 questions

    I have two questions and one suggestion. For my style of playing I still love the LB6 - perfect string-to-string balance, warm sounding, responsive, articulate, and very simple to install IF your bridge saddle slot is 1/8 inch, which the vast majority are not. The last time I had a bridge saddle routed, it cost $200 and that was several years ago. Two questions: 1) Is it possible to make an LB6 style pickup in the much more common 3/32 width? 2) Are such picks-ups particularly feedback prone if all the piezo elements are in phase? I ask that question because I know that making an IR with the LB6 and Voice Print would be a particularly unfriendly process. Now a suggestion: please consider an LB6, version 2021 for the above reasons. Well, one more question: does anyone that you know of make such an in-saddle pickup?

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    Hey Ex202,
    Unfortunately, the Piezo sensors themselves are not effective when thinned out enough for a 3/32" saddle. I'm sure you can imagine, if a 3/32" LB6 was possible, we would have done it by now. If I remember correctly, Lloyd did some tests with other types of Piezos in LB-housings, but all of the LB6 magic was lost in the process.

    The alternating phases between sensors are actually more about canceling out the low-end thump that those types of pickups usually produce. Without the intentional phase design, a passive LB6 might blow a subwoofer if you hit the bridge too hard, or so Lloyd has told me. Putting the LB6 in an active preamp with a HPF solves that issue, but the LB6 was originally designed for passive use only.

    Have you had trouble making Voiceprints with the LB6? We've made a number of VPs here at the shop with different LB6-equipped guitars, and we've had pretty good results.