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  • Lyric Distorting

    I have the L.R. Baggs installed in an OM-style guitar.It was installed by the luthier who made the guitar in 2014. I have since had to move the mic to get a better sound, though I am not satisfied with the pickup. It might sound better on a different body-guitar, I find it to be too tinny. So I've installed an additional transducer pickup and am blending the signals through a boss AD10. The pickups have different jack outputs from the guitar so the signals are not interfering.

    Today I sat down to EQ the settings for the guitar and noticed it was distorting the signal when i striked the strings with medium impact. and when I turn down the volum-control it distorts more and more as the volume is getting lower. I checked the battery in it and it read 8.5 volts. I changed it to a new battery reading 9,66 volts, but the problem remains.

    What is happening with the Lyric in my guitar?

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    Hey Petter,
    When you adjust the volume control, are you getting any scratching noises? Or does it sound pretty clean?