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  • Lyric very noisy

    Have a Lyric installed on my Lowden, both about 5 yrs old. Plugged it in tonight to make sure all was well for a gig tomorrow and I'm getting an intolerable amount of noise, First thought was battery, as a dying battery can do that. So I put in a new one, fresh from the package. Still getting noise. Swapped in a different cable, didn't fix it. It is getting the guitar sound, but it's putting out a huge amount of crackly white noise, like static on a cheap radio, about 50% as loud as the guitar signal or more. I tried jiggling wires to check for a loose connection but no effect. It does fade and come back over a few minutes, which makes it seem like some kind of ambient interference, but I've never experienced this pickup to be particularly sensitive to that; it's always been rock solid as long as the battery was good. I turned the lights off in case it was bad wiring in the room, but made no difference. Not sure what else to check. Any help appreciated.

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    Ok, next day I was able to determine it was some kind of bad wiring in the room (we recently moved to this place). I tried in a different room and the problem went away. Still kind of surprised the p/u shielding wasn't up to fending off the interference. But anyway, problem solved I guess.


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      That's definitely an odd issue. I don't think I've ever seen white noise like that caused by electrical interference. I've seen my share of weird issues though, so it wouldn't surprise me.