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Distortion on bass notes when picked with autority.

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  • Distortion on bass notes when picked with autority.

    I had the Lyric mic installed in my Larrivee OM recently. The mic distorts the bass notes when strings are struck with firmly. sounds like the mic is overloaded or my amp speakers are blown. this does not happen when I use other guitars with other pickups. The problem grows worse as I increase the mic volume. Any ideas to fix ?

    Since I posted this I removed the strings to check the placement of the mic and make sure it was secure. All was good except I noticed the mic was mounted in the far front of the bridge plate near the soundhole. As per Calebs advise to another forum member I moved it behind the bridge pins and slightly toward the higher strings. I put new strings on and plugged in. Wow.....perfect reproduction of my guitars sound with no distortion. Thanks Caleb problem solved . I am a very happy camper !!
    Last edited by Don B.; 07-03-2021, 06:12 AM. Reason: Problem solved.

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    Hey Don,
    That is great to hear!

    I am so glad that you fixed the issue. To get such an improvement in the sound is a huge plus too!