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Tired of quacking, will the Lyric help?

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  • Tired of quacking, will the Lyric help?

    Because of my arthritic shoulder, I bought a Takemine TSP138C which is a thin bodied guitar (as thin as a semi-hollow electric). The electronics with the under saddle piezo pickup is very quaky. I've tried pedals to get a better sound and I've tried different electronics but I've just had it with the piezo pickups.
    So the Lyric with only a mic feed seems like it should be an effective solution. But will it sound good on this thin guitar?
    Will placement be an issue since it will be so very difficult to get my hand into the body to place the mic in front of the pins?
    Can anyone tell be how wide and long the mic is?
    How is the pre-amp powered? I don't see a battery in the description and I can't see replacing a coin size battery when it can be so difficult to get to the mic?
    Looking forward to your advice.

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    Hey Tony,
    I just replied to the email you sent. Here's part of my reply:

    "The Lyric should work just fine in that guitar. The system is powered by a standard 9V battery, which is usually installed in a Velcro/Nylon battery bag near the neck block in the guitar.

    As for the thinner body, that shouldn't be a problem. If the guitar sounds good unplugged, the Lyric should be able to do a good job replicating the sound plugged-in."

    To answer your other questions, the mic might be difficult to place due to the thinner body, but it should still be doable. The mic itself is fairly small at 2-1/4" long, 1/2" wide, and 3/4" wide in the middle. So it's pretty easy to work with.