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nothing but feedback.

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  • nothing but feedback.

    lyric through para di to loudbox artist---nothing but high pitched squeellingggg!! Where do I start!
    I only get feedback when using the para di. It sounds fine straight into the amp.
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    Hi Cahill,
    Thanks for reaching out.

    The Para DI adds a little bit of gain/level, even with the input Gain set to a minimum. So it could be that the signal level from the Lyric is just +6dB louder than it is when you're going directly into the amp.

    If you're getting high-pitched squealing feedback, you might want to try lowering the Mic Presence control in the soundhole (screwdriver adjustment).

    I think that lowering the gain on the amp and/or lowering the Mic Presence will make a noticeable difference.

    I hope this helps.