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  • Lyric and which other pickup

    Hi guys. Hope alls well. Currently my 2 fav guitars for smaller gigs tend to be either a Cole Clark or a Maton, both of which use a combination of built in mic and an under saddle pickup. Works fab in smaller intimate venues. Having just purchased an old Gibson J45 the previous owner had a lr bags lyric installed. Sounds fab. However in band or biggger gigs there’s a lack of depth and warmth to it. I’ve over the Years had both the Lr Baags lyric and the Anthem installed to various guitars. However I’m wishing to add another pickup to the Gibson and my thoughts are rather then a second mic pickup perhaps an under saddle pickup would be a better option. I’m aware I’d have to go for a passive pickup to use with the Lyric. My current setup is guitars, into a headways acoustic preamp then onto 2 Acus acoustic Amps. I’m aware I’d have to use a TRS cable and blend the sound into the headway amp and that’s fine as I use a Furch classical which uses this way and the ability to blend the sound is something I’m happy to do.

    Any body able to suggest something. Know there’s been many threads on this subject but any help would be greatly received.

    Many thanks

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    I replied to your email before I saw that you posted here.

    If you didn't get my email, let me know.