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Lyric in a Larrivee SD-50

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  • Lyric in a Larrivee SD-50

    Hello all. First post here. I have a Lyric in my SD-50. I run it through an Align reverb and a Venue DI into a Bose S1 Pro. I have to do some pretty drastic eq on the venue and some high cut on the input of the Bose to get the tone I am looking for. At flat settings I get muddy boxy mids and screechy highs. Is this typical for the Lyric or is it somewhere else in the chain?

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    Hey TRY56,
    It sounds like you have the Presence control on the Lyric set too high. If you're getting any kind of screechy highs, turning down the little screwdriver control in the soundhole should help with that.

    As for the muddy and boxy mids, that should be something that the Venue EQ can handle pretty easily. Mic placement in the guitar also has a noticeable effect on the tone of the mids. Do you know where your mic is positioned in the guitar?


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      Hi Caleb.
      i have the mic placed in the “standard” spot. I tried a couple of alternates but this was the best of the ones I tried. As far as the presence adjustment, it is almost all the way down. With the venue, the low is flat. Low mid a 500 all the way down. High mid at about 1200 , 9 oclock. Presence and treble both about 9 oclock. I have the treble on the input channel at about 8 oclock. It sounds like my guitar at those settings but that just seems like an aweful lot of eq.


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        That definitely sounds like a lot of EQ.

        When you adjust the Presence on the Lyric, do you notice a difference in the tone? It's really odd that you are turning it all the way down and still needing to turn down the Presence on the Venue. It makes me wonder if the Presence on the Lyric might not be working properly.


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          the presence on the Lyric is working. I have played with it a little and it definitely is noticeable I tried something today. I pulled the venue out of line and and plugged straight into the Bose. the response was much more even. I put the Venue back in but zeroed the eq settings and did some gain adjustments between the Lyric and the Venue and it is much better without the extreme eq settings. We will see how this works for a while. Thanks for you help Caleb.


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            I'm glad to hear that you're finding a better middle ground. If you have any further trouble or any more questions, just let me know.